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                                                                                                                 THE VISION

To have the courage to express your thoughts. To firmly stand by those thoughts regardless of the resistance. To be inspired. To inspire. We better understand our own culture by having an interest in other cultures- gaining the perspective and knowledge to put our own culture in context.

Kalunji Design dares to stand for a modern design in clothes and accessories inspired by several cultures with children and grown up kids in mind. This borderless creation serves as a reflection on the world and the beauty we can borrow or lend out to each other. In Kalunji040, it is not only about looking great, but also feeling great- and feeling involved.

Kalunji040 offers comfortable casual and special occasion items for all women people and children regardless of fashion culture.

The word kalunji [orig. kalungi] comes from luganda and means, freely interpreted, 'A little nice thing', which is precisely the vision for our company. Kalunji Design and its brand Kalunji040 is based on quality, in all stages of production, and in relation to the costumer.

                                                            The company´s long-term goals

Kalunji Design currently offers one line- Kalunji040. Kalunji040 consists of women's wear, kids wear and accessories. In the future we hope to provide a separated kids wear (and accessories) brand that we'll call Kalunji040: MINI. Our five year goal is to hold our own accessory line, home decorating line and an assorted print line with the brand names of: Kalunji040: HOME and Kalunji040: PRINTS.




Sustainable fashion is not a trend for us at Kalunji Design but a long-term commitment regarding our perspective on the fashion world and its components. The aim is to offer exciting style in a sustainable manner. We do not contribute with to global environmental problems as has been an issue in the textile industry.
Style should not come with the additional price of a negative impact on others lives! For us, sustainable fashion is not just organic material, it is much more.


                                                               No colouring or bleaching

The fabric scraps and cutting leftovers are sorted in different colours before being repurposed, which means we do not have to colour or bleach the re-used fabrics before they get new life. Our fabric spills are usually transformed into ex. bracelets, necklaces/statement pieces or re-rugged rags.  This translates into 96% less usage of CO2, 89% less water and 76% less energy used than in a regular dyeing process.

For any questions and concerns not answered below, please contact us at

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