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The Kalunji040 story (so far)

Kalunji040 was built on the backbone of creative ambition focused on style,
simplicity and quality- rising from the living room floor of its founder
Sarah Nakiito in the quest of forming a brand that takes great care of materials, natural prints and traditional pattern printing methods and the rising revolution of slow fashion.


Dedicated to working with sustainability, Sarah is well aware of the contradiction of this goal combined with fashion. Fashion itself is not a sustainable industry so the bigger questions really are: how can we designers take responsibility in our work? How do we source our materials? Where are they from? Can we make sure that textile workers and cotton (or silk) farmers are safe? 

The answer to these questions are: We, the designers, can take responsibility by re-using already purchased material. Using all of it and not letting anything go to waste. We can use second hand fabrics and make new use of already existing material. We can choose local/national or just geographically closer producers when possible. We can also try to minimize the number the material need to touch from farmer to our cutting tables.

All these scenarios are goals and though we strive for them, many of them are harder to achieve. The global textile industry is utterly corrupted and it is almost impossible for the individual consumer to get proper insight of what is really happening. Thus, its is neither fair or productive to put a single responsibility on the individual when the issue is really one for our elected officials and the larger companies.

For Kalunji040 this translates into buying the African wax prints in Africa (usually east Africa and directly from the factories when possible). More than a half of the threads, machines and other fabrics are bought second hand, either from thrift shops or from other designers. ALL material gets used! What does not become clothes, linens or put on furniture is used as filling or rags (usually a great go to as a gift to family and friends).


Sarah's aim is to build a company structure of the curiousity and conscious brand that recognizes innovative sustainability as its guide to growth.

The Kalunji040 brand consists of a women's line, a children's line, accessories, organic (and cruelty free) skincare and perfectly planned home decor often with Sarah's own handmade prints. Created with a need for refined patterns and for the love of textiles in mind, it is a collection of street wear, elegance and functionality that comprises the Kalunji040 brand.

Kalunji040 is a Malmoe based brand.


This is for us.                                           

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