A perfectly curated summer kit for those days of glow- a hydrating face cream, candelula stick, a moisturising lip balm and a handy soap with a splash of gold mica. A very limited edition. Not many packages left, so get yours now!

Summer kit- Mimosa

  • The perfect skincare kit to get you through the summer- with a soft scent of mimosa. The set contains:

    *Aloe-Jojoba hydrating face cream (100ml)

    *Calendula stick (with lavender/chamomile) (ca 80g)

    *Rectangle summer soap- mimosa (ca 55g)

    *Vanilla lipbalm (ca 20g)


    (for calendula stick, lipbalm and soap- see separate postings)

    Face cream

    Aqua (destillerat vatten), Jojoba oil* (jojobaolja), Glycerol, Thistle oil* (tistelolja), MF/VE emulsifiers (MF/VE-fett emulgeringsmedel), Aloe vera Concentrate (aloe vera konsentrat), Phenoxyglycerin, Vitamin E, Cetyl alcohol (cetyl alkohol), Fragrance oil (mimosa), Xantamgum



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